We help companies, institutions and organisations understand and navigate the European policy environment

Established in 2015, Miltton Europe is the European advisory arm of Miltton Group, one of the leading consultancies in the Nordic region. Our mission is to help companies, institutions and organisations to understand and navigate the European policy environment, while promoting their ideas and policy solutions across the continent.

Combining cutting-edge communication tools with creative campaigns and training programmes, we provide insight and strategic advice, organise events and seminars and assist with internal and external communication related to European issues.

Miltton Europe’s extended EU team in Brussels and Member States puts its expertise in national and European policymaking to good use, providing companies and institutions insights and creative solutions in the dynamic environment of the EU’s capital.

Contact information

Maria Wetterstrand

Managing Director
+46 70 242 4162 / +358 44 796 1163

Patrik Gayer

+358 40 722 6644

Lotta Nymann-Lindegren

Senior Consultant
+45 31 790 048

Marit Hololei

Head of Finance
+32 473 27 15 38

Jare Järvinen

Junior Consultant
+32 492 40 54 72

Peppi Heinikainen

+32 491 88 47 87

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