Tour operator Join UP! Baltic joins Miltton Latvia’s customer base

Ukraine’s leading tour operator Join UP! Starts operating in the Baltic States. In order to promote the brand in the region, as well as to promote the interest of travellers, the company has chosen Miltton Latvia as its public relations partner. Join UP! Baltic will operate in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, therefore the agency will cooperate with the Miltton Group company in Estonia – Miltton New Nordics – as well as partners in Lithuania – Virtuozai to achieve the set goals.

Based on extensive experience in working with clients in the tourism and hospitality industry, Miltton Latvia will provide support to Join UP through various public relations tools and media communication on its way to achieving the goals.

“Combining international experience, modern vision and knowledge of the specifics of the region’s market, we will help our client to achieve the already defined as well as future goals. I have emphasized before that the Baltic States need to be seen as a single market, bearing in mind the differences between each country. This is a great project in which we, in cooperation with colleagues in Lithuania and Estonia, can implement this approach,” emphasizes Viesturs Deksnis, Chairman of the Board of Miltton Latvia.

Over 20 years of operation (since 2001) Join UP! has grown from a travel agency to the largest tour operator in Ukraine. The company’s network of partners in Ukraine includes more than 7,000 travel agents and about 130 agencies. The company is headquartered in Kyiv. Regional offices are located in Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro and Lviv. Networks of international representations and partners also exist in Moldova and Kazakhstan.