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SuperHits and Primero campaign ‘Open EHR Superhits Safe!’


To expand the visibility of the radio station ‘SuperHits’ by drawing the attention of the residents of the largest Latvian cities, thus reaching a new audience, as well as building the radio station’s relations with other Latvian media, ensuring a high level of publicity.



Find a new perspective and ways to bring public and media attention to a commercial radio station that competes with other media in terms of attracting audiences and advertisers.


To position the radio station ‘SuperHits’ as a socially responsible brand that acts in accordance with the expectations of the population as part of the results of a sociological study. ‘SuperHits’ not only entertains but with the help of experts and third parties draws public attention to the importance of psycho-emotional well-being, as well as provides advice on relaxation and maintaining mental health. Taking care of reaching the widest possible audience, communicating through traditional media, as well as widely known influencers using various social network platforms.


The media showed great interest in the subject. The image of’ ‘SuperHits’ as a socially responsible, modern, and entertaining brand that cares about the psycho-emotional well-being of the Latvian population was strengthened, as well as the number of listeners of the radio station increased significantly.

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