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Planting trees in the centre of Riga using modern technologies


To help make the centre of Riga greener, to promote public interest in the need to plant trees, especially in urban areas, and to strengthen the idea that trees are the lungs of the city and play an important role not only in improving the landscape but also the climate. Inform the public about the lack of trees in the urban environment, their proper care, and the most common reasons why trees die.


To unite the state, local government institutions, non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs or the private sector for a common goal, drawing attention to the fact that only by cooperating with all parties is it possible to improve the urban environment, making Riga a place where people want to live, work and visit. The challenge was also to change thinking and remind them that trees and green spaces have a place in every modern city.


Together with the client, we planned public relations activities before and after the tree planting event for the media, as well as organized an external event at the end of October together with all parties involved, including the Riga City Council.


During the tree planting event, two beautiful trees were planted in the centre of Riga. In turn, public relations activities resulted in more than 50 publications in a variety of media, including television and radio.


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