Miltton Latvia projects are nominated for the Mi: t & links final

Two Miltton Latvia projects have been nominated for the final of the Baltic Communication Award “Mi: t & links” in 2022. The campaigns implemented by the Miltton Latvia team are included in the finalists in the categories “International Communication” and “Event PR”.

One of the projects that entered the final of the Baltic Communication Award in a fierce competition is the radio SuperHits campaign “Open the safe of SuperHits!”. During the eight weeks of the campaign, everyone had the opportunity to participate in the opening of the safe in the largest cities of Latvia and win a cash prize of 1’000 to 4’000 EUR. The aim of the campaign was to draw the attention of the target audience to SuperHits as an attractive and innovative radio station, as well as to reach new listeners.

As a result of the campaign, the audience of SuperHits EHR has increased in the target regions – in Zemgale it increased by 30.6%, in Kurzeme by 28.4%, but in Vidzeme by 8%. The total growth of SuperHits audience in Latvia was 7.9%. Find out more about the goals, strategy and results achieved during the campaign here.

The second project in the top four in the category “International Communication” is the promotion of the Estonian Occupation and Freedom Museum “Vabamu”, which was implemented by the Miltton Latvia team in close cooperation with partners in Lithuania and Estonia. The aim of the campaign was to stimulate people’s interest and change the negative perception of the occupation museum as an unsuitable place for children. In order to achieve the goals set by the client, the campaign involved popular and recognizable people, created audio guides and video materials in Latvian and Lithuanian, wrote publications, and organized communication on social media.

The campaign resonated in the media, resulting in widespread publicity in the national media in Latvia and Lithuania. There was also a high level of activity on social media – tens of thousands of people were reached with the help of influencers, both on the social network accounts of influencers and on the museum’s Facebook page. It was also shown that stories of occupation and deportations can also be told in a way that is suitable for children, emphasizing the positive aspect – the freedom and independence gained in the Baltics.

Miltton Latvia has several outstanding projects and campaigns in its experience. Hand in hand with our customers and our partners, we have not only achieved a number of ambitious goals, but also created a social contribution. We are glad that not only our customers, but also the jury of the Baltic Communication Award have been able to appreciate the work done together, ”comments Viesturs Deksnis, Chairman of the Board of Miltton Latvia.


Mi: t & links is one of the most important events in the communications industry in the Baltic region, where public relations and communication agencies from the Baltics and other European countries participate every year with their most outstanding projects.

The submitted works are evaluated by 20 members of the jury – experts in their field, representing business, public administration, academic environment, creative industries and non-governmental organizations. The jury consists of five people from Latvia, five from Estonia, five from Lithuania and five international experts.