Integrated communication campaign – The Museum of Occupation and Freedom “Vabamu” is open to the Baltics


Emphasizing the common aspects in the history of the Baltic States and providing an opportunity to receive information in an interactive way in the mother tongue, to motivate the residents of Latvia and Lithuania to visit the museum. The strategic goal was to change the perception of the occupation museum as a gloomy place, showing that it can also be visited with children.


One of the biggest challenges of the campaign was to communicate these difficult topics so that the target audience would feel positive and willing to visit the museum, so it was emphasized that Vabamu is not just a story of history, but a journey to freedom, creating emotional and friendly messages.


The strategy and idea of the campaign were based on several pillars: a common history that is at the same time as personal as possible (a common idea for all countries, but in each of them a narration in the respective language and with the people of each country); focus on the use of technology (an interactive way of presenting information to stimulate young people’s interest); a friendly and emotional message, creating a personal connection with everyone addressed in his or her mother tongue, freedom and the future – while learning and exploring the history, we need to think about the future and value freedom at the same time.


The campaign resonated in the Latvian and Lithuanian media. Audio guides for adults and children in Latvian and Lithuanian were created, as well as advertising video reels. Representatives of Vabamu commend the work done during the campaign, emphasizing that the materials created will be relevant and useful even after the pandemic. During the campaign, it was shown that the occupation, deportations and other similar topics can also be told in a way that is suitable for children and young people, emphasizing the positive aspect – the freedom and independence gained by the Baltic States.


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