Bezalkoholiskais alus GO, Drosas braukšanas skola, Drošas braukšanas indekss, Miltton Latvia

GO Responsible Driving Index of GO Non-Alcoholic Beer and Safe Driving School


When informing about the basic principles of safe driving and the technical factors influencing them, remind that any driver can improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents.


Find a new perspective and ways to draw the attention of the public and the media to a well-known, topical issue that is widely talked about in the public sphere, but which also has great potential for growth.


By analysing the drivers’ own examples and habits (in collaboration with the research centre), clearly inform the public about which habits are incompatible with safe and responsible driving, supplementing the data with valuable expert advice. The index provided an opportunity to compare and analyse the habits of drivers in different age groups, regional, etc. in sections.


The media showed great interest in the specific topic – the research data and the mention of the brand were on all major news portals in Latvia. The image of GO and Safe Driving Schools as a socially responsible brand for road safety and responsible alcohol consumption has been strengthened.


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